Women, Will you date a nerd?

I've hardly been outside my house in the last year and a half. I'm an introvert and an absolute nerd. I've hardly found people who share my interests.

Two weeks ago, I met a girl. She was the first girl that I spoke to in several months, apart from my sister. She was new to the place and wanted to go somewhere, which is where I was going to. I couldn't even ask her to come along though i wished for it. I instructed her and walked away. We had to use public transportation, train. After I took few steps, she ran at me and asked me where I was heading to and after learning that we will have to get down in the same station, she requested me if she could accompany me. I agreed.

While we were waiting for the train, she was trying to be nice, being expressive and asked about me. I couldn't do the same. After boarding the train she went on talking about herself and she seemed like a nice person but I could hear her vagina being bored everytime I stayed silent or gave a one-liner as an answer. For someone like me, it felt nice to be around someone like her. But, I had no clue what to talk though we traveled together for an hour and a half.

After we got down she thanked me and was ready to give me her number but I said I don't have any credits left so I won't be able to contact her (Jobless). I also said that I don't use WhatsApp, Facebook,.. etc when she asked about it. I was ready to give her my e-mail ID but she asked for my number and I gave it to her.

From where we got down, I had to catch another train but she needed to board a bus, which is near the train station, a two minutes walk. I could see that she wanted me to walk with her to the bus stop but I showed her the way and walked off after waving good bye. Yes, I didn't even shook her hand.

I care less about how I look to others. I'm not physically appealing and it takes me time to actually open up to a person. I wasn't this way all my life, just the last few years. Do women prefer to date someone like me?
Women, Will you date a nerd?
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