Second date ended by awkward silence?

so it was a second date...yeah, and it went pretty well until the end, when he had to go back to base and so he walked me to my car and I put stuff in my car and thought that it was gonna be a kiss or something, and then he walked away and stood there staring at me, and I figured that if he wasn't gonna do anything I was at least gonna say I asked if I could get a hug and he was like oh of course you can and then he hugged me for a long period of time and then said he would call me when he got on base, didn't receive the call this over?...


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  • Hmm...if it was more than a day ago, then yes, I think the non-kiss and no-call-when-he-said-he-would are good indication that he's not going to call. But you know what? It doesn't sound like you're super into it either hun. I say, if he doesn't call, he's just not into it and you can let it go and move on. Good luck sweetie! :)

    • Nah it was today, late afternoon