Did we ever have anything?

I work with him. All summer we worked the same shift and always worked at each others side. We talked constantly, sometimes about some pretty serious stuff. He was always a little bit nicer to me than any other girl. Towards the end of the summer we started talking more than just at work, online, through e-mails and texts. We have a lot in common and a lot of mutual friends, but since it was the end of the summer, it was too late to start hanging out regularly. Right as things could have turned into us hanging out and going on dates, I left for Europe for three months. We still talk online very frequently. I am coming home in about a month and I don't really know where we are at. Should I just give up on it all? did we even actually have anything? Do you think he ever even liked me in that way? (He is somewhat quiet and I don't know that he would act on in right away.)


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  • you sound like friends and acquaintances...if you want to spice things up, you need to start treading across the fine line and give him signs and vibes to spur greater interest


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