Why do people assume black women don't date inter-racially?

Why do white men always assume that black women don't find them attractive or won't date them. I'm only asking this because I have seen this question a lot and all the guys just say is they don't think we will date them. To be honest there are a lot of black women out there who would probably prefer a white guy or is interested in dating one.


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  • Why do black girls under 18 always generalise?(see what I did there?)

    Guys who are confident enough about who they are, what they look like and that are able to attract women won't have issues with asking out a black woman.

    Now the average guy isn't confident and asking out a black girl seems as a white guy is(at least where I live) more uncommon then asking out a white girl and because its socially less common, they'll like it to being harder and thus won't bother because they don't believe it can/will happen.

    • Seems harder as a white guy is*

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    • I get what you are trying to say. what I meant was. For the white guys who do like black women and I'm not talking about the thug white guys. but anyway they get so surprised sometimes when they find out that a mass number of black women find them attractive. Then they go and say "oh we didn't know black women would be willing to date outside there race.

    • Because there's not many examples of it happening, that's my entire point.

      If it would be common for black women to date white guys and you'd see it consistantly, more white guys would realize that black women are also an option and that they would be willing to date interracially.

      But because it doesn't occur frequently(again, like I said where I live its not common), people assume otherwise.

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  • As a white guy who only dates black women, I can vouch for what you're saying.

  • Well it is the size issue to some guys you see although the myth is false a lot of guy can't get it out of there head that black men have big d***s and if black men have big d***s it follows that black women would have big vagina's to accommodate them and even though anatomically size doesn't matter it is still a mental thing that some white guys are afraid they won't be able to satisfy you and the rumor that he is small will circulate so unless a guy is really sure of himself it is rare he will approach a black woman.Also in the popular culture we have seen a lot of black mothers telling there daughters "you better not bring a white boy home" or other things like that so we just avoid the issue.

    • As an african american woman I must say that black men have been recognized for being endowed down there. But years ago I dated a white man who was just as endowed. My point is, is that we disregard rumours, myths, sterotypes and society's opinions and just plain old get to know one another. The bottom line is, what kind of person are you? What is your character? And yes we are different color wise but are both people up for the challenge of becoming one at heart in spite of race.

    • that was a stupid answer. wtf.

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  • think of it this way.. pretend you are unpopular at school. What do you think of all the popular guys? do you think you have a chance with them? do you think they would ever ask you out? no right! its all a part of a social role.

  • do they?

  • even though there are a some black girls that are open to dating outside their race, a lot of us don't. personally I prefer black men but I used to date a mexican guy. a lot of my friends would never date outside of their race, like we could be out somewhere and I'll point out a cute guy that isn't black and they will just be like "no". or like the guy has to be really really good looking to make up for the fact that he's not a brotha lol

    and as far as what that girl washize just said, it's not just 'ghetto' black girls. actually there is this girl at my job that is kinda hood and she always flirts with this emo white boy. most of my friends are middle class/suburban and I will say 75-80% of us only date black guys. I don't think it's a class issue it's just how you were raised and what your preference is. I'm just more attracted to black men, sue me, I didn't know it was a problem!

    • I got thumbs down for TELLING THE TRUTH!

  • You know that depends on the type of black girl. Are we talking about your stereotypical ghetto black girl, or are you talking about your average college student black girl, or a girl who is somewhere in the middle? Most ghetto black girls will not date outside of their race period, unless the guy himself is extremely ghetto. Your average educated college type black girl will date anyone who treats her right, or anyone she has the same life goals in common with. A black girl inthe middle who is kind of ghetto and kind of educated will most likely only date ethnic men, such as latino, . No women in my family have dated outside of their race. My aunts and my father get verry upset when I just hang out with a white guy. So it honestly just depends on the girl, and how she behaves around the guy, if she is rude and stand-offish, no he's not going to make a move, if she is flirty and warm, yes he's going to ask her out.