Do I have a right to be mad!?

I've been with john* for a little under a year. he has had 20+ partners and I'm a virgin. I love him so much but recently ended it because of the following. john, Linda and I were all hanging out for a couple weeks. linda saw john and I making out every time we hung out and knew we were interested in getting to know each other & dating. Linda has also been a good friend for 6 years. Linda and john f*** when john and I were already hooking up first. I just found out about it a year later -_- Linda and john both insist I have no reason to be mad. like wth. I have a right to be mad, right? you don't f*** someone your friend was already hooking up with right? & what makes it worse is, they were hanging out one on one are whole relationship and I had no clue. I mean once you f*** someone, the option is always open to do it again! you don't hangout with your f*** buddy when your dating someone and to make it worse, she was my best friend! am I just "overreacting" like john says or what? we weren't technically dating but still, he f***ed around with this one girl and told me about it saying he was so sorry but he failed to mention he f***ed linda too around the same time? he also got head and hung out with my other friend are whole relationship too! I have a right to be mad and leave him, right? not to mention, our whole relationship has been drama and pain cause there is constant rumors of him cheating all the time! I mean if I have to question it, he probably is right? not to mention, he talked to so much sh*t about Linda, saying he didn't want to be seen with her at the beach in a bathing suit cause it was embarrassing but he could f*** her. both of them made it seems like nothing ever had happened and that pisses me off the most!


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  • Well doll, I think you're posing a question that you already have the answer to. The red flags are waving so high in this situation! I don't even know where to begin. This dude is community property. Darling you are a virgin! Why would you want to deal with someone who lacks integrity and self respect? If he doesn't respect himself, he definitely will not respect you! Charge that one to the game and move from ex to the next. He is a complete waste of time and energy...good luck doll! Hope this helps! :)