What are your #dealbreakers?

My dealbreakers are ugly, plain jane, too short, too tall, salary under $40000, overweight, older than 28, doesn't treat me like a king, lazy, crazy bitch, self-centered, narcissistic, virgin, not catholic, not white, brown eyed, can't speak English, emotional, sensitive, not physically fit, bitchy, liberal, transgender, has an IQ under 110, insecure, shy, boring, has no humor, smoker, alcoholic, drug addict, has criminal record, does illegal activities, has kids, doesn't like pets, weird, no education, not ambitious, not brave, cheater, liar, bad in bed, any mental illness, any health problems, disruptive, obnoxious, wears glasses, too hairy, selfish, rude, has allergies, hermit, masculine, not independent, has poor hygiene, low sex drive, can't dance, can't party, video gamer, doesn't smell good,
I have no dealbreakers
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it also includes slut, feminist, gold digger, mooch, smaller than cup d, outie vagina, has camel toe, narrow hips, can't cook, can't clean, doesn't want kids,
What are your #dealbreakers?
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