How do I keep her entertained at my house?

So there is this girl I like. We've known each other for over a year and have been doing things together now for over 3 months. I feel bad because when I go to her house they have everything! What do I got? Nothing. I try to keep it original. I love cooking and we've made things together like chocolate biscotti and played a board game and she's loved it. The problem is, I don't want to do too much of the same stuff, which is hard when you have nothing to do in the first place. Give me some ideas people, I'm desperate!


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  • Take her for a walk.

    Go outside with her at night and just look at the stars and just talk.

    Order In and have a movie marathon.CHICKS LOVE THIS (especially if its her choice-everything)

    Invite your friends over and make a party out of it -always fun!

    ask her what SHE wants to do!

    then there's my favorite.

    do nothing.

    just sit there, and talk and look at each other and share everything with each other and get to know eachother.lay there and respect her (with the exception of a few stolen kisses of course) and treasure her and do.nothing but give her your undivided attention.

  • Well have you done the usual movie night. or you can also play a great night of charades=)


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