Why hasn't she called me back yet?

So one of my good friends introduced me to this girl that he knows from college this past Friday. We ended up leaving NYC and going back to her place. We ended up making out/touching etc...ended up sleeping over and spooning that night. Talked for around 2 hours in bed the next morning about all kinds of things and we were really clicking. The next night I saw her at the same party we were at and talked a bit and things also felt great. We walked back to her place with her roommate and at the entrance to her building she says goodnight implying that she doesn't want me to come up. I told her we should hang out this week and went home.

Sunday night I called and left a message on her phone just saying hi and to have her give me a ring back...Monday she texts me and says she has been too busy to return my call and apologizes...we text back and forth a little...she says sorry she's talking to an old friend of hers...I say well Ill be up til the football game is over, no response.

So now its Tuesday and I haven't texted or called because I don't want to come off to needy or desperate.

What to do, what to do...


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  • I've done this before...usually if I mess around with a guy the first couple times we hangout, I assume they're probably only in it for sex, and then I back off a little bit. If she isn't fast-ish about texting/replying, she is probably thinking the same thing. Maybe show her you actually like her!

    • well I wanted her to call back so I can ask her out.. I'm interested in her and want to get to know her.

      should I call again? or text, etc,

    • I would definitely try it one more time. Show her you're still thinking about her!

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  • I don't think she's interested. I hate to say it...because I've been there maybe a million times in my life and it sucks. Also, I could be wrong...and I hope I am.

    Think of it this way...you're interested...If she sent you a text this very second and said, "he, do you want to meet me for a drink tomorrow night"...I bet you'd A- respond B- respond with a yes and C)- you wouldn't cancel.

    Why should her behavior be any different than yours? I think if you just ask yourself how would you behave if you weren't really interested...and also ask yourself how would you behave if you were interested. Which behavior is she replicating?

    Assuming that for whatever reason she's decided against moving ahead...and you still want a chance...here is what you do...back off - do it with confidence and dignity. That will leave a strong/manly feeling about you. That way - "maybe" depending on what else is going on in her life...you'll have a shot in the future.