How to approach a girl from an online site a 2nd time?

Ok so almost a couple of months ago; I meet this hot girl on a dating website. She is definitely my type and has a hot body. We chatted for a while, got to know each other a bite, than she starts talking about what we'd do to each other in the bed (within the first week and SHE was the one who brought it up).

Needless to say, it got me very interested and I took it as she wanted to meet up soon. I don’t know if I may have come on as too fast and maybe clingy because after that, I wanted to talk to her about a good time to meet for a first date and what to do. She said she'll plan something, but then she doesn't respond to my starts of online chats (logged off a couple of times). I figured I put her off by my forwardness and decided to quit messaging.

Now it’s been over a month since we last chatted and I want to talk to her again and maybe see if she still might be interested. We’re still fb friends and I’ve seen her on AIM. Besides wondering how she’s been doing, what else should I say in the message that she would respond to? Also should I be direct in asking if she’s still interested in me or not? And if so, how should I say it? Also to girls, what do you think of her initiative with talking about sex?


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  • You know what sweetie, she might just be wanting to keep this online and nothing more. But you can just hit her up next time you see her on AIM and tell her that you're sorry if you came on too strong and that you want to just be friends. Take it from there and go with the flow, but I wouldn't expect anything more than what you already have online. Good luck hun!


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