Is it weird to get tired of talking?

I like this guy but all he ever wants to do is talk and talk and talk.

Whether it's through texting, actual calling, Facebook messaging, etc. Afterwhile I just don't really care.

I mean I'm really interested in him, and he's interesting but I don't know I just get tired sometimes of communicating while he just loves it. Is that weird?


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  • Well, I'm really talkative & I don't get tired of talking but, lol I get tired of other people talking. I was seeing a guy who kept talking but was too nervous to talk and he thought I was bored so he got pissed off and stopped talking to me. but I wasn't tired of talking- just to him, but because is nervous not because I was bored- tho being nervous and not talking can lead to boredom, I don't know how to tell him you don't want to talk without offending him. well in our case its different because you're shy- I could talk to anyone & everyone BUT him - no bueno =)

    • "I could talk to anyone & everyone BUT him - no bueno =)"

      Lol that's exactly what happens most of the time. Sometimes I just don't even know what to talk about and I think talking to often can lead to both of us being bored with each other. Trying to avoid that.

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    • Yes that is EXACTLY my fear! I would do something like avoid him to rather than just say something (I feel that telling him we need to talk less would be rude or mean) but okay I guess I should mention it or something thank you

    • yea, hey let me now how it goes :) good luck, and yeas both options suck- but you don't want him feeling you hate him, its so much worse:)

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  • no it's not weird. you want this to develop and the guy isn't moving it forward. bound to get bored of that eventually.

    • Yeah but I guess I'll just keep going along for the ride. I don't know if this is the right pace or is it just me always moving to quick and feeling this is slow. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and see what happens

    • how long has this talking been going on?

    • Um like 3 months

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  • No, I get tired of talking & just want to relax in my thoughts. I also get tired of being tired in general, what's up with that?

  • I don't think it's weird. I get tired of talking to my boyfriend all the time. I am very introverted and have been my whole so sometimes I really just don't feel like talking. Introverts need their alone time to be happy. You should definitely explain how you feel to him because guys are really good at picking up signs (especially boredom).

    • Yeah I am introverted and he's pretty extroverted so that would make a lot of sense.