Do men treat their more attractive dates better than the less attractive counterparts?

i'm talking about dating. do men treat their better looking dates BETTER than their less attractive dates?

in terms of

-where they go out for a date

-how much time/effort he spends pursuing

-who he's talking with more, smiling at more

maybe guys are unaware of this, but I do think they treat prettier women better than the less sexy/pretty ones.

guys, you are probably unaware that you are doing this!


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  • Women control what happens in the relationship. Guys would love to take charge but it's the woman who allows him to continue.

    The attractiveness has nothing to do with how I treat them. In fact, all of them should be attractive otherwise they wouldn't be a date. Blind dates are excluded from that though.

    Each woman is different and they act accordingly to whatever advice their friends give them (3 dates till you do Xxxx) or when they feel comfortable. I have had women sleep with me on the first date which doesn't make me think any less of them. I don't even feel that they do this with every guy.


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