Is he into me or not!

This guy at work will come and see me when he is at the site I work at. Both of us are in our 50's and he has never been married before. He runs hot then cold, he told my friend he likes me as a friend. Meanwhile he flirts with me all the time, he tells me to call him then when I call him he sometimes calls me back and other times he just ignores my phone messages to call me back. I saw him the other day and mentioned to him that he must of lost my number he said it works both ways meaning he wants me to call him first. I refuse to call him I think he is the one that should call me. I think he likes to keep me on a string. I have had him over to my house for supper and such but nothing has happened. I am very very shy when it comes to guys and I know he is also shy. I am upset that he does this to me all the time. I cannot tell him that because when I try and get the opportunity to do so someone comes around us. Does he like me or do you think he is playing with my head and emotions?


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  • I am shy too. So I think I could put myself in his skin to answer this.

    I never call people first, I never text them first, I never do any sort of contact first... you get the idea.

    I do that because something stronger than me yells at me: "You might be very boring and uninteresting! If someone would find you interesting, they would try to get in touch with you, if they don't, don't even think of calling them, they'd look at like you were a freak, like how do you even dare contact them?".

    This is true for other shy people, too, though we do realize how stupid it is.

    Of course, I may be mistaking, maybe he just likes to be "the hunt".

    I like it when people reassure me, if they tell me they had a good time with me. It gives me courage to keep contact with them.

    I hope this helps.

    • I have commented to him about it was nice being with him I had a good time. I am not boring believe me when we are together we laugh alot. Maybe you are right maybe he just likes to hunt. He has called me back and we have talked on the phone for more than an hour. Then he stopped calling me back, now he tells me the phone works both ways.What the heck I was the one that called him last and asked him to call me back and he didn't. Now he wants me to start calling him I do not think so.

    • Clarification: That "you might be boring" thing was a figure of speech, I wasn't saying that you might be boring, the "you" in the figure of speech is me.