What's the difference between a guy and girl hanging out and a date ?

example : they say it's a hangout but its just the two of you going to a movie is that a date?


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  • I consider hanging out with

    a person of the opposite

    sex that you're

    interested/attracted to as

    psuedodating. It has all the

    qualifiers as a date, but

    without the expectations.

    Dating is more of a specific

    agreement between the

    two parties that there is

    mutual interest (in each other, not the activity)and

    they want to see if this

    interest continues when

    they get to know each

    other bette...


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  • no no no that is not a date they are just hanging out as friends. I do it all the time we will go out to eat and all that talk laugh and have fun but that is all that is ...unless some flirting or mild touching is going on then there might be something else brewing there lol

    • well that's the part that confuses me it was our first hangout alone together, we decided to watch a movie together he paid for everything, and insisted that I should lay on his arm. He also put his hand on my leg and when we said goodbye he picked me up and hugged me and insisted we should hang out again next week

    • be real and ask his intentions so you can figure out if yall feel the same way because if he thinks one thign is going on and you think another things can get pretty messy real quick

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