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I met a guy on a kind of blind date. He told me he's looking for a wife. He had an arranged marriage with a girl who was a very close friend of his family. Both his father and the girl's father had been friends for 30 years. she was raised in a traditional household with very strict rules, and presented herself as a chaste virgin with really good morals. They had a huge wedding with 250 guests and on his wedding night he discovers that she's not a virgin. He immediately divorces his wife and says he feels horrible because she lied to him and now he can't believe anything that she says. They only dated for 3 weeks before getting married. Do you think he'd be a good guy to date?


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  • Well it sounds like he's pretty darn traditional too. How did he discover she wasn't a virgin? She didn't bleed like a pig on their wedding night? Many women can rupture their hymen through other non-sexual ways and it's pretty common. Arranged or not, I don't think he gave this girl a chance. It also points to the rigidity of his thinking and doesn't sound like someone you would want to get hooked up with.

    My advice is to be careful with this eastern attitude toward marriage and relationships and women in general. RUN!

  • He told you that he's looking for a wife already! I don't think so. Even in an "arranged" marriage there must be some remorse/grieving period.

    I can't see why he divorced her so quickly. She claimed that she was a virgin and she was not. This is 2008 do you really expect to find a virgin in your age bracket? Religion or heritage aside. He didn't even give her a chance. He flat out didn't want to be married to her so that's his excuse to embarrasses her and the families.

    I think that there is way too much DRAMA with this guy. Why don't you slow down a lot with him or better yet find someone else?


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