I kissed him... now what ?

I was talking to this guy for a while , a business partner, and there was a spark . He asked me out a while ago and we never did anything and I learned that he has an on and off girlfriend. We finally got together and had a a great time, and I made the move ! I kissed the guy . He called me as I was driving home and told me that he had a great time, blah blah.What is going on in his head now?


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  • He probably feels for you. The fact that you two felt a spark and that he said he had a great time after you kissed him is pointing to some good things.

    I'm not sure what to say about the on-and-off girlfriend, though. Be sure he's still not like, clingy or jumping back and forth with her if you want to go further.

    • weird... he wanted to see me again tonight. he is very busy I get it with kids a company to run etc. And I had to tell him that I had plans with my girlfriend, and how about tomorrow. He texted back he understands but he can't see me tomorrow... I think I like him a lot but did not text anything back. Is he testing me?

    • Go ahead and ask what his schedule is like and plan something out! Try it over a call--more personal!

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