When you first start dating a guy, what are some things you wish he knew?

What are some things guys don't naturally know when dating a girl, but girls wish they knew?


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  • I wish he knew what kind of girl I was right off the bat. I'm a little bit of the old fashioned type in that I don't call to set up dates in the beginning. If I'm interested, I always make sure he knows that and make it easy on him to set up dates, but I don't do much initiating in the beginning. Most guys end up liking that better, but in the beginning I think it's confusing because not all girls act like that, so they assume I'm not interested.


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  • Well, it would be good to know things about him, like>> likes, dislikes…including experiences….Some about his background (family)…and his interests …also I agree with>> how to be romantic even if just “a bit”! ( a gentleman kind )

  • I wish he knew not to rape me.

    I wish he knew not to make fun of me for being a virgin.

    I wish any knew not to talk about his ex for so much.

    I wish he knew not to brag about his ex and his sex life with his ex.

    I wish he knew how to be a Christian and how to have more morals.

    I wish he would have respected me more.

    I wish he would have talked about our first time having sex more, since he didn't I call it rape. I was freaked out and cried all night after he did it.

  • I wish they already knew how to be romantic

    • how do you define romantic? any ideas?

    • Someone who can pick up flowers for you, write you a letter, be passionate.

    • I wish all girls were the same and wouldn't find that "unreasonably cheesy".

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