Give me a creative tip for a first date!?

I know I should be myself, but what are some other creative tips for a first date?

sorry for everyone who has answered this question. I'm looking for tips not ideas. Like how to get the girl to make physical contact with the guy. How to get the girl to smile. How to get her to laugh.
well I taste like pineapples! ;)
please disregard that last comment unless you're really interested lol


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  • I absulutly love a guy who is spontasious. Like this guy I'm crushing on he will start to randomly talk about anything for some reason we were talking about cheese a while back ago.

    Also let her now that your into her but don't over do it. You guys realy do get scary when all you talk about is how beautiful she is.

    Idk if that would help but those are a few tips id like my next dates to take upon on


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  • Hmm.creative first date tips.

    Let's see, if you're both into sports, why not try wall climbing?

    Or, if you're both artsy types, check out a new art gallery.

    Or, do something that interests her that you've never done before. If she likes to volunteer with children, suggest going down to where she volunteer's and hang out with the little ones. Chances are, seeing you making sick kids smile will make her smile.

    A side note to my last suggestion, I suggest this because a friend of mine is doing some work in Nepal with children, and this one little girl doesn't get much attention from the adults because they doctors have all said she's dying. So my friend spends her days taking this little girl outside for walks (even though the little girl doesn't have the strength to hold her head up or open her eyes for long) to see the corn fields and flowers and enjoy the fresh air, or she'll hold the little girl and talk to her and sing to her, and massage her deformed limbs and just make her laugh and smile. If the girl you're interested in does anything with children (Big Sister, volunteers with sick kids at a hospital), it would probably make her very happy to see someone else take an interest in helping the kids to feel a little better about themselves.

    Other ideas could be, walking around museums, not necessarily art galleries, but museums and learn something about history.

    Hope this helps!

  • you have to get to know her personality first off. after you know that it should come easy. I like when the guy jokes around with me. I don't like being serious too soon. to be honest. I don't like being serious. unless I have to be. be playful with her. ! =]

    ps. don't talk to her. like you talk to me! hahahahahaa


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  • Jet skiing, go-karting, paintballing, going to medieval times, horse riding, going to amusment parks, or going to the movies.