After 6 months I'm still not over it!

My ex and I were together 10 months when he ended it. He said he just "wasn't there".Then 2 months later he was already in a new relationship. I never contacted him again after the first week of our break up. He has ignored me since he dumped me although at most I would want us to be polite acquaintances (we share a small town). I saw him at the grocery store today and we ignored each other as always. I wish it didn't have to be like this! I don't have trust for him anymore so I don't wish to date him, but I want to be at peace about it-he really hurt me when he dumped me - He of course was saying he was so happy with me, making plans with me, sleeping with me, enjoying my company and then he was done, and gone, and has a new girlfriend. I've been going to counseling ever since, have conquered some personal goals but I want to know when the pain will go away? We have now been over for 6 months. When will I stop thinking about how he hurt me and then didn't show any remorse? Don't tell me to "just" move on-believe me, I'm trying! Plus I don't want to search for a new relationship as a "band aid" for the last one.


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  • I'm so sorry honey. I'm there now! I love him, he ended it and 2 weeks later he's with someone else. Possibly a rebound but I can't get over it. He's in my head. He barely contacts me and his new relationship makes me have little respect for him.

    However, what you should do is not stoop to his level. If you see him smile like crazy and say hi. Show him there's no hard feelings. Be mature about this. Don't be like him.

    Maybe he's feeling guilty. I strongly believe that my ex feels guilty and gets feelings towards me hense no contact.

    Also, time will eventually make it easier.

    Good on you for not wanting a rebound. My e mx has and uts childish and cruel. Your ex'a feelings are buried and not dealt with. Karma will bite him on the ass. What goes around comes around.

    Like me, I think you need time. Trust me, I know how you feel! Awful, isn't it. Not many people understand, that makes it worse, doesn't it x

  • Hey I know how you feel, a same thing happened to me. My ex hasn't contacted me once. I rebounded with someone soon after we broke up and trust me it just made me feel a lot worse. Don't do it! And don't contact