I can't decide if this first date carries romantic potential or "just friends" potential.

We had talked to each other first on facebook for about a week or so. Then moving to text and so on... So we decided to go out.

It went really well in my opinion. Better than most dates I've been on.

We went for pizza and a couple of drinks on the city square. Even though I really wanted to take her somewhere nice. She said she felt uncomfortable being "fancy"; which I can respect. We spent a lot of the time laughing, quietly making fun of the other people there, and making great general conversation.

Physical contact wasn't so much but I figure, maybe she's just cautious, moves slow with these things or maybe she just doesn't really want a romantic relationship right now. Which I can also respect.

It was a short date. Only about 3 hrs, due to her work schedule and having a toddler at home. Once we parted ways for the night and got to our own homes we continued to talk over text for about an hour; until she had to go to bed.

So, while we both had a really great time and I find her incredibly attractive, I just don't know whether to pursue this romantically or not.



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  • are you crazy?! I quote "we both had a really great time and I find her incredibly attractive"... that screams second date to me! Ask her on a second date, kick it up a notch, bring her flowers (I know it's kind of cheesy but it's polite and will make her feel nice all the same!) make the next date a little more romantic. Take her somewhere for dinner, then maybe do something fun with her that she'll enjoy after, but try and end the date somewhere quiet, private that you two can be alone together and see what happens. If it feels like you are connecting, go in for a kiss!

    • Well, I would've done all that but, as it turns out, apparently a federal convict that treats her horribly has more to offer. Considering she has a child, I think she might be the crazy one. I'll just move on. Thanks anyway for the suggestion.

  • definitely pursue it for another date or 2. the first date is always awkward and scary esp when you met online through fb. She's probably just really cautious since she doesn't know you that well yet. Give it 2 more dates


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