He texts you!...but then NO replies .?

After a quite big argument (we were dating for 1yr now )…we stopped talking (not even hi(s) or bye(s)) …and then later nearly by 3 weeks, he texts saying “Olla! How have you been doing? Long time” …I replied normally saying, “Hey, I’ve been good, you?” he never replied…! >> What does that suppose to mean!?


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  • Hes trying to show that he's moving on. And the contact is his way of gauging your interest/while simultaneously showing you that he's moved on.

    Its not a good way of doing that, in fact its awful.

    But that's what's probably going on.

    • well, if it's like that ... I must say very nice of him!...btw thank you ! :)

    • Yeah no worries, and if that's your picture, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

    • aww thak you...yes it is my picture ! :) lol

  • He probably doesn't want things to end on a bad note with you . Maybe he still wants to remain as friends ?

    Maybe he still likes you , and the message was to check on how you were doing.

  • Sounds like this girl I know, what a bitch.

    • the guy is the bitch or me..? ! huh?..or the girl you know! ?

    • The girl I know who texts me, I reply then nothing. What a bitch. People shouldn't do silly things like that. :P

    • I know! I mean..y would you text if you not ganna reply? right?! its stupid!

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  • I think he just wanted to know if you were still angry with him or not. Why don't you call him?

    • should i? that's a problem...i know wot to do?...if I do he s ganna be oh, look she is runnin after me anyways...:S...pluse I answered him normally, so..?

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