I have achieved everything I wanted but still have zero experience with girls (21 year old guy)?

Just want to get some female opinions on this situation of mine:

As of now I think I've achieved quite a few of my main goals in life: I am about to graduate from a very good (world class) university, I recently secured my dream grad job at a big international firm and I'm in excellent physical shape.

In a professional setting I'm also not the shy and insecure type: in groupwork I'm always the leader and am very confident, almost like an alpha male.

However at the same time I am a complete zero when it comes to girls: I have never slept with one, dated one, kissed or even flirted. Even if I do happen to get the chance to talk to a girl I like, I just run out of ideas of things to talk about and as such I have never gotten anywhere with any girls (though to be fully honest, I really haven't put much effort into this with my almost complete lack of a social life and all).

So just wondering, do girls consider a guy (I'm 21 btw) who is completely inexperienced to be a turn off even though he doesn't fit the classic loser profile? Would they rather go for someone who "knows the ropes" though isn't necessarily a player?


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  • You can only have one or the other. Up till now you've dedicated all your time to yourself. If you had changed that and dedicated it to relationships you wouldn't be where you are now

    You have a bright future ahead, you have financial security and health, nows the time to go on the 'hunt'.

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