Is she just a rebound?

He got with her only a few weeks since we broke up. She looks slightly like me but has the opposite personality. He told me he doesn't find her attractive. He's known get for only 4 weeks. Dating her was a last minute decision because he knew his friend liked her. He told me he still gets that pull towards me and talking anymore is too difficult. When I saw them together he barely looked at me but sometimes glanced at me when he thought I wasn't looking. He told me she can't kiss.

Is this likely to be a rebound?

Thanks x


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  • that other girl sounds like a rebound because the breakup time to the new girlfriend was less than 6 months, that relationship is short termed, characteristic similarities between the two girls, or a recreation...if he's talking to you or seeing you, then make sure he isn't gonna rebound with you either and don't confuse that with a second chance, which requires other considerations


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