Why are black men so aggressive towards me?

I’m a biracial girl, half black half white. Fair complexion.

For as long as I’ve been allowed to date I dated black guys. Everything went good until they started comparing me to white women. They would say that I don’t love myself because I wear weave and makeup that maybe I should “chill out “ whenever I would catch them cheating. It’s not like I would scream at them or hit them when they cheat, I would just walk away. So I recently started to date a white guy and I’ve been getting so much hate from black guys. I don’t understand it, the black guys put black women down, call us loud, ghetto, bald headed all that and expect us to love them. Black guys date interracially ALL THE TIME but when a black girl does it it’s a whole problem. A black guy pushed me down and ripped my wig off because I said that I don’t date black boys because they treat me badly. Another black guy that I dated abused me, he choked me in front of his friends to the point that I couldn’t BREATHE. He wanted to prove to his friends that he’s the boss all I was doing is eating my food. My whole face was red about to turn blue. The people who worked at the restaurant came to help me and I still suffer trauma. The white guy that I’m dating LOVES my hair, LOVES the food I make, LOVES my culture, LOVES when I wear weave, LOVES when I do makeup. He LOVES everything about me that a black man HATES about me. Why is it a problem when I date white guys? Why do black men treat their own women like this?

Why are black men so aggressive towards me?
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