Complicated text-I'm not sure what he means?

I had a first date with this guy I met online and he said he had a nice time and I said I had a nice time too. Then he said, "i don't have your number". so he told me to call his number from my phone and I did. When I go home I got a text from him that said, "I put your number on speed dial. I had a real nice time. call me sometime. anytime". What does this mean? Am I supposed to call him or should I wait for him to call me? Please help me!


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  • It is possible he is one of the few decent men out there but as being a male myself yeah we tend to think on one line and try anything to get the girl so to speak

    if your truly interested in this guy just be honest with him and ask him what is his intentions?

    are you going to date me or just want a FWB ?

    • Well, he sent me a text the next day seeing how I was and he asked me, "Do you miss me yet?" and I said I did and ask him if he missed me, and he said, "that it was classified I he missed me or not" He said, "Its top secret and you have not been granted restricted access..not just yet anyhow". What does he mean by classifed?

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  • I would wonder why after just one date that he would say he has you on speed dial hmm is he just interested in getting lucky or does he really have true feelings for you

    • I'm not sure. He was really polite the whole time and held open every door.

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  • It's too soon to ask his intentions for what he wan't between the two of you, in my opinion but, if he said call, and it was a good date what is holding you back? he could just have a strange sense of humour which could explain the 'classified' text on missing you, but really if you're still interested in seeing him again give him a ring.

    • thanks. after I told him I got a 98% on my group presentation for class, he said he would give me an A too for presentation and I said the same thing to me, and then he said, " why don't you give me a second date instead". However, since I was at work I didn't get the text til after mid night and he sent it around 10:30 that night. I told him I was free sunday, and he hasn't gotten back to me yet on that. My sister said I should wait for him to get back to me about Sunday before I ask him

    • take your sisters advice and wait, boys are silly and always take forever to reply to texts

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