What to do about an online crush?

I met this guy on a forums about a year ago and we have been great friends ever since. we have IM each other just about everyday for about a year about whatever goes on and mostly gaming. (we game together online a lot console and pc) we've exchanged numbers and facebook several months ago. although dating or being more than friends has never really popped up in our conversation...i can't help but have these feelings for him as I've gotten to know him. there have been a few times where I strongly suspected he has some feelings for me, but the convo always changes instantly and we are never forward when talking about us. Our relationship, above all, has been a friendship but also a kind of partnership when running a forum together and I guess if you include gaming together.

we hardly flirt or act so clingy with each other. he knows I hate when guys online flirt with me just because I'm a girl that plays video games.

an online relationship or dating has never crossed my mind (ive always been the old fashioned type..) but in this case he just seems like the down to earth guy I have been looking for with all these things in common.

So could there be something more between us that I'm not seeing...? Could there be something worth pursuing? or should I just keep things the way they are? or just stay away? Exactly how does an online relationship work? what are the cons and benefits of online relationships if any? so many questions...

I'm a total noob to online relationships, I don't want to get hurt or think too much of maybe nothing. but also if this guy is really what I've always wanted, I don't want to make the mistake of losing him or ruining a good friendship. Any advice is much appreciated.

keep in mind we did not meet through a dating service, this sort of just grew into something. we text, occasionally comment on each others facebook, done some skype and vent, and of course game. I consider him one of my best friends and one I can talk and turn to. He isn't an online loser, although I may have given you the impression that we are nerdy playing video games XD in reality, I do lead a pretty normal life...w/e that is... I go to a university, maintain decent gpa, have great friends and well living the college life. but my online friend just seems so much more real than guys I meet on campus (ya know the douchey frat party boys..just not my type at all)

just going to keep it a friendship.


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  • maybe you should meet the guy and consider what he's really like before jumping to conclusions...he might just be another douchey - this is the con of online dating

    pro for online dating - you can figure someone out from a distance...safety net


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