Texting and flirting.... HELP!!!

I met a guy online 8 months ago. We have been texting and flirting during this whole time. I have liked him since day one. He was recently divorced and interested in dating others as well. I get the feeling and vibe off him, that our meeting was all about timing...too soon for where he is at in his life, as he seems into the sex part of it now. I won't do that and he seems to respect that in me. I have sat and watched him date several other women and it crushes me each time. I don't want to be 'that' girl, the one who is in his business all the time. I want him to come to me. How can I challenge him to look my way on his own terms? I have heard to stay away. Give him the chance to miss me. I welcome any advice guys!


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  • Give your place and keep your distance so he'll miss you .