Experience with Shanghainese girls? I like this girl in my class?

So there's this girl I like who sits next to me in class. She's a FOB and she doesn't seem to understand much English. She has a guy friend who is also from Shanghai and they seem pretty familiar with each other. It doesn't seem like they're in a relationship but since I only see them in class it's hard to tell.

When the dude isn't there it's just me and her in the back row. I've made eye contact with her a couple of times and smiled but we haven't had a conversation. Sometimes I'd smile and laugh at her Asian snacks that she sometimes brings to class. She looks at me and smiles back (probably just out of being polite and not knowing what I'm saying).

I don't know who her guy friend is but I don't think he's any competition. I'm better-looking and better-dressed (no offense to him). The only thing is the language barrier. How do I communicate that I wanna go out on a date with her?


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  • By saying "Lets go out sometime".

    Trust me, she speaks english. Just ask her out


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  • well I would talk to her ha ha if she doesn't respond just write her notes and pass it back and forth.