It started out as sarcasm, but now is it a real date?

im a softmore in highschool. he's a senior, I saw him and to my luck a friend had his number and of course I texted him. at first things were weird and he probably thought I was a total creeper. but anyways, now its been 2 months of us being friends. and I never hit on him or nothing cause I just figured he wouldn't go for someone younger . so weve been friends and as friends we became one of those wifey and hubby things teenagers do. ha ha but last week he asked me to go to a backyard hangout . some friends of his were playing in a band and he ended up getting in there too . total hotty , blond long hair, snake bites, he drums and sings & screams . but he's not all hardcore. he's really funny and silly . so that same night he invited me to a concert at soma this Friday . but in sarcasm I told him he owed me a date . and then , things got pretty technical . I said I could goo to concert . and this whole week weve been kinda flirtyish (: he tells me I'm really cutee and just flirty stuff . he said he ignores everyones texts accept mine . but then he said he can't wait til our date cus he likes hanging with me.(all our talking is over texting, by the way) so last night I told him that I liked him and he said it back . but I don't know if he knew I was serious, I think he didd . BUT knowing this guy, anythings possible. anyways, so my question is what is going on? should I take this concert as being a real datee or not ? I need advice and I'm looking to this site as a last resort . so help please . thanks .


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  • yes its a date hun :)


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