Can an online relationship work?

like if you met them online. could it work?

ok what if they're older than you by like 3 years and live far away?


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  • yes it can work. but the biggest concern is if he is telling the truth about who he is. now I'm not accusing HIM of lying, but there are a lot of people online that will since its so easy to hide who you are depending on where you meet.

    but in all honesty that's how mine started. I met her online and we've been dating for about 3 years now. you just need to get use to the fact that you're not going to be able to be there on a moments notice. and the biggest thing required, and I mean REQUIRED is trust. if you have a hard time trusting someone then an online relationship won't be the best for you. you're going to have to put full trust that the person you're dating isn't doing anything that he/she shouldn't be. cause most of the time they won't be.

    and be sure when you meet for the first time you do it somewhere considered safe, like a coffee shop or anywhere where there is people around, just to be safe.

    • i agree with all of this escpecially being excpeirienced in this area

    • actually ist been 4 years >.<

      just thought id fix that.

      I agree though.

      Trust is the main thing needed, without fall apart =/

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  • I was in one. For three years! In the end it did not work out because he became clingy. My only advice is, MAKE SURE you can meet up with him once in a while (3-4 times every 2 months). Don't make it totally online. It doesn't work and that's saying from 3 years of experience.

    • i know this is old,

      but my relationship was entirely online for 4 years and running now. I wouldn't say that it doesn't work, it actually helps, I know him like the back of my hand and to a deeper level than anyone else does simply because we have no physical connections. I know that when we do itll make it all the better because I do love him and ill ignore any physical "annoyances" because I know who he really is on the inside.

    • i totally agree to this comment

    • AslinnNight, I'm glad yours did, but you might be one of the rare few. After my experience I wouldn't suggest anyone to start one unless they are really mentally prepared; its better to try to stay as friends first. But good luck to you, AslinnNight! :)

  • of course. I dated a guy I met online for 13 months. it was amazing the only reasonw e broke up was because he turned 18. but yes I met him and we dated 7 months via internet till he moved out to by where I lived if your thinking of havign one I say go for it! and good luck :)