My boyfriend hangs out with his friends then me and we have a 10 month old daughter?

Ok well me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 2 years, and we have a daughter, he just started hanging out with his friends more then me after the summer break after he started to go back to school, while I'm a stay at home mother, I'm 18.. And he hasn't been going too work it seems like it and hasn't told me why.. I think he may have quit or something.. and when he comes home he never really wants too do anything with me or his daughter.. like right after school he never comes home .. and doesn't text me or anything unless I text him.. And yeah.. Please give me some advice.. I don't know what's with him he use too be such a sweet guy.. but its like he's turning into a big d***..


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  • talk to him its not right that he's doing that to you and he should be at work if your not working too. He should but you and especially your daughter first.


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