What do you do on a first date?

I've never had a lot of experience with dating, I kind of missed out on it during highschool, and only recently have gotten the guts to start asking girls out. I pretty much have no idea what goes into a first date, I get that you usually go out for a dinner, or drinks, or coffee or something, but apart from that I really don't know.

My question is this, what would you do for a first date? What would you expect? Where would you go, what would you do, what would the girl expect to get out of it? Any and all details would be appreciated.


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  • my first date with my boyfriend was at the movies with him and some of his friends.it was fun,with everybody else joking and cutting up made me comfortable,but that's just me that's my comfort zone.i expected a kiss and a hug.dont over do it and make sure that your girl is okey and comfortable with what your doing.ask her if your not sure.theres nothing worse then a girl thinking a guy is pushing her.have fun,if you two are comfortable with each other then it doesn't take much more,and there's nothing wrong with being alittle nervous,actually I think being alittle nervous on the first date is usually a good thing.:) good luck,hope I helped.


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  • First of all avoid those traditionall dates which include: a expensiv dinner and cinema where you have to pay if you have manners! That's oldschool and its boring! We`re in the 21st century, so get a bit creative.. why not take her to a interesting part of your Town for example where the tourists camp all the time?

    Or since the winter season began, ice skating! Just don't get in the Dinner situation, its very awkward in the beginning because you have to act very nice and not yourself... and top of it, its very expensiv for your wallet ^^

    For starters I would suggest you take her to a nice coffee shop were they have couch installed.

    And then chat bit with her and judge for yourself if she's the right girl for you, after all your not about getting laid with any1 do u? Just be confident and don't act to clingy. Make jokes and be a bit cocky, that will do the trick :)

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