Would you automatically break it off with a girl if your first kiss together wasn't that great?

Also would you tell people about it or make fun of her to others?


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  • I think that you are looking for opinions from guys, (but I'll throw my 2 cents in anyways).

    I would not break it off with a guy just because the first kiss wasn't that great. Sometimes you are both nervous and don't know what the other one wants and that can come with time. However, I do find kissing compatibility extremely important. And, of course it works with some people more than others depending on style and chemistry. But, I wouldn't worry about it to much. And honestly, if the guy was going to go around and make fun and tell people, then he's a freaking loser anyways and you shouldn't waste your time :)

  • wow, I wouldn't try making fun of her afterwards, for all you know she might have been thinking the same thing, and she could go around to her freinds and start rumors too. and then it turns into drama, and then it becomes an uneccesary mess. I would just kindly tell her you don't want to date, and leave it at that, but the making fun of her is overkill.