When did you first know you were in love?

I know it might be a stupid question, but I've never been in love and I was wondering how and when (how long into knowing the person or dating them) people first knew. I figure when it does happen I'll know, but for now I'm just curious.


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  • You Jsut Know To Be Honest ... I Guess when you will forgive them no matter what they do and how many mistakes they make, when you miss them after a few minitues of going home, definitely when he's the one who can make you smile no matter what the case without fail =]


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  • When all you can think about is making the other person happy and being with them that is when I think I'm in love.

    There is no set length of time it takes to happen, it can be lust at first site and turn to love after one date or it can develop over years of being friends with somebody. I think you will know when it happens just like everybody says because the feeling is pretty damn strong.

    • isnt it infatuation when you think about being someone all the time?

      i wouldn't say its being in love ..

    • If I was just infatuated with somebody I wouldn't necessarily care about making them happy. When you first fall in love you usually want to be around that person a lot, at least for me. I guess after awhile you don't want to physically be with the other person 24/7 but you still miss them sometimes or think of them when things remind you of them.

    • Thanks for the responses you two! :) I think caring about someone's happiness (especially if it gets to the point of putting them first/selflessness) is a sign of love. Thank you, this helps. :)

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  • when I realized I was in love it was because I relaized I would do anything for him and nothing could ever make me angry at him for more then two minutes and when all I wanted to do was be with him.. I knew when I was in love because of the way I felt when he looked at me..

    yes you will just know :) :) :)

    • Thanks for the response! How did it feel when he looked at you or is that something you can't explain? Sorry for the random question, I recently liked someone and it hurt when things didn't go as I'd like.

    • it made my tummy go iewgegeowhu lyk ha ha it would clench up and gewt all nervous and smiley I don't know yur righ t*ts a hard thing to explain

    • LOL Thank you!

  • When I realized I cared more about their happiness than my own. This is only happened to me once, but the selfless love really opened my eyes.

    • I definitely agree that love is selfless! Putting someone's happiness first is a big thing. Thanks for the reply!

  • I know this is gonna sound like one of those bullsh*t fairy tails but here it goes...he was new in my class when we first met. I remember thinkin he was hot and almost died when he picked me to sit next to. Well anyway we became good friends. I straightened my hair and he said it looked softy and started playin with it. I couldn't stop thinking about him. A few days later he told me he liked someone else but I wasn't jealous just maybe a little sad...that's when I knew I loved him. When all I cared about was his happiness.

    • Putting someone's happiness ahead of your own is key. Thanks for the reply!

  • i think I can pinpoint to the time when we were walking down the street and he stopped to feed a homeless cat. That's kinda when it hit me that he's such a kind and caring person. Someone that will stop and help, even if it is just a cat

    • That is sweet, thanks for the reply!

  • my guy said he knows because he will want to be with me no matter how mean I am to him.

    I guess I know because I would die in his spot if he had to die, so that he can live. I mean some times people do things that are sinful and that sin causes death, and I would take his punishment if I could. I think that is love. When you are willing to put his life above yours because you want him to live and be happy =). Well and you both know each other so well, you feel like you are one! That's nice too. I mean, you are two different people but you're both so attached and start to like doing things together, or become more like each other (in the way you dress, speak, eat etc). That's how it is with me and my guy. Love always is different with different people. Everyone has their own story. Like ours, we met when we were 10 and got married when we were 24.

    • Wow, that's amazing! Congrats on finding the person you're meant to be with. You are one of the lucky ones. Thanks for the response! :)

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