In love with cousin #1, loved by cousin #2?

There are these two boys in my class who are completely different one being a sporty guy, the other is just plain weird. These two boys are cousins which makes the matter a lot more difficult.

So the ting is I like the sporty guy and I think he likes me back. Usually I could just confess and get it over with but here is where it gets difficult. One of my closest friend also like the sporty type and if I confess she will most likely hate me. Also I'm afraid that the relationship between the cousins will tear up if I choose one of them, and they aren't exactly best friends now..

The weird guy have told me plenty of times that he hates his cousin.

What should I do?


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  • if your friend likes cousin 2, then it's okay for you to date cousin 1 if he likes you, also, assuming that you aren't first cousins, because that's illegal


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