What does this first kiss mean?

Well, the first "non-date" date-meet up type thing he leaned in for a kiss, a.k.a tried to kiss me, but I went half in and just hugged him.

we've texted.

today we met up as a date-date (this is 8 days later)

and at the end he kiss-kissed me.

and I let him.

there was hesitation, but he just put his hand on my waist.

you see.. this is my first kiss.

and I was mentally laughing (I really was) he open-mouthed kissed and I keep slightly open..

it was kind of retarded.

anyways, judging by what he did with his hands and his open-mouthness what signs can you give me about him ?

i honestly appreciate heartfelt honesty, thank you guys


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  • First kiss is pretty important for opening up to a more romantic side of the relationship, it means that he's really into you, it depends on how you feel about the relationship. If this is the second or third time on a date, then it is easy to assume that maybe he's moving a little bit too forward. Its too hard to tell, there are many details that can predict his character but its not fair to make assumptions without more information.

  • Honestly, I really don't know anyone that close-mouth kisses anymore. It's either with or without tongue. Close mouth kisses are for family and quick good bye kisses.

    If he is grabbing your waist then he is trying to find the most respectful first kiss position to place his hand. Trust me, if you two start the makeout more, he will not leave it there...within reason.

    I will say this, do not start laughing when he is trying to kiss you. He's probably just as nervous as you are, if not more. The last thing he needs to see is you laughing because he finally had enough courage to kiss you.


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