How did he actually react to my confession?

Here is the deal - I met a guy around early June and shortly after started to develop feelings for him - but I steered clear because he had a girlfriend at the time.

Then a month later, at the start of July, his girlfriend dumped him without an explanation apparently, and they are on really bad terms ever since.

We've only met two times - the first I had my friends along, and the following we were both alone - and he showed all those signs that show a guy has feelings for you (persistent eye contact, showing off personal abilities, shyness when he's very extroverted, etc.)

This last "date" (I quite felt it looked like it, but neither dared to ask whether it was a date or not) and this was 2 weeks after his breakup.

Then finally last week I plucked up the courage to confess my feelings to him sending him a sms from my cellphone.

He replied to me like this:

"awww girl it's so cute and beautiful what you wrote! but you already know I just came out from a breakup :( and the last thing I need to do right now would be to start another relationship, I need to steer a little clear from commitments :( sorry girl I mean it, you are great and you rock and I hope this doesn't affect our friendship"

He DID NOT mention whether he felt the same or not as me. strange.

Remember this happened a week ago. and he's a little more shy towards me when we chat through msn.

Now what I wonder is:

1. does he like me and will he ask me out when he gets better from the breakup?

2. does he not like me and is also hurt from the breakup, and uses that valid excuse to steer away my intentions too?

I think it has affected our friendship a bit, but I don't know if it has been affected towards the better case scenario or for the worse case scenario.

please help! I'm very confused and I don't know how to proceed.

should I make him jealous or show him what he's missing to make him make a definite move?

thanks in advance! all help will be deeply appreciated.


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  • He probably didn't respond how he feels about you because he either do not see you as someone more than a friend or he's really not ready to be in a relationship and feel any feelings he may have towards you right now is considered rebound feelings. Br a friend and just be there for him. If you are looking for more than he is then it may or may not work out, you'll have to accept that.

    • Thanks for your response. :)

      by the way - he asked me out yesterday! he said he was acting this way because he was deliberating whether to try a romantic relationship with me or not - and that was the reason he was taking distance from me before.

      anyway. thanks for your insight! :)

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