If so many don't like those dating rules, why are so many doing it?

If so many don't like those dating rules, why are so many doing it?

... like

- wating a few days before calling

- men have to ask a girl out first

- men have to approach a gril

- girls must not come off as too keen, otherwise she would be seen as easy

- ...


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  • That's a good question. I think the problem is that, even if you don't like dating rules, a lot of other people follow them, so you feel like you have to just "play the game", even if you don't agree with it. This leads to a lot of people playing a game they don't want to play because they feel like they have to.

    • that's odd don't you think? I mean, imagine this: If no one is actually liking doing those things, they all do it, because they THINK it's that what other people expect them to do - although they don't. But because no one is open about that, the rules remains - although no one likes to play it. It's so weird. Not only we're lying to ourself by doing this, but also lying to the others.

    • I mean, there are some people who do like these games, or at least certain aspects them. For example, a lot of girls prefer that guys approach them and ask them out. Why? Because they buy into that "tradition" and because it makes things easier on them (they don't have to get up the courage to ask the guy out), or because being "chased" makes them feel desired.

      That said, its hard for the people who don't like the game at all and don't want to play. I mean, if there are a number of girls out

    • there who believe that if a guy calls them too soon, he's desperate. Do you want to call the girl the next day and risk her thinking you're desperate? Or are you going to wait a few days? Most people play into the game because if they don't., it lowers their chances of being successful.

      But yes, the fact that we play stupid games and appeal to outdated traditions when it comes to dating is stupid. But we can't just say "Everyone stop!" because it wouldn't work.

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  • i mean if we didn't follow SOME of those rules you guys wouldn't want us.think about it

  • be more specific what dating rules?


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  • People are stupid. lol