Should I text her asking to hang out tomorrow? or what to say?

I usually hang out with her after class. Everything seemed to be going amazingly today. She was leaning into me lots, resting her arm against mine(this even flirting I don't know), laughing at all my jokes, blushing. Her over protective guy friend who always trying to get between us, had to leave. Then it went to sh*t, she had promised a friend to help write her essay and would be gone for hours. I had no other class and did not want to seem needy if I hung around. I don't have class with her tomorrow and usually don't see her. I don't know what I would even ask her in the message.

I should add I know some of her friends and could ask if they have seen her? although I don't always se them or would it be better just to text her?


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  • Go ahead and tell her you want to hangout with her.


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