He admitted he liked me - so what should I do?

He admitted at a party last week that he liked me to some of these girls that I kind of know.

But there's a problem, I appear to have competition!

He told them that he's always had about 5 girls that he kind of liked but now he knows it's definately between me and this other girl.

I know, I know, he sounds like a complete player! But he really isn't, he's the most loving, caring and compassionate guy I've ever met - he just falls for people easily.

So today I was with him and the girls who he was talking to at the party came up to us and one whispered quite obviously in his ear "Ask her" and he kind of shyed away from it and went a bit red.

He obviously isn't up for asking me right now, I'm not sure whether it's cos he's confused about me and this other girl or he's just shy.

Should I ask him or wait for him to ask me? Bearing in mind he may not. And if I do go direct, how should I go about telling him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, you can't be any more not his girl than you are now, so there is really no negative side to this. Instead of asking directly, you might ask him how he feels about you. If he answers with his feelings, encourage him, by validating his feelings and asking open ended questions that give him the opportunity to open up, and let you earn his trust in the process. If you do ask directly, be gentle and kind, leaving him with the knowledge that you are a safe person who will respect his decision and trust God to work out the details, even if he chooses against you. God has a plan that is better than anything you can come up with, and He will reward you for your respect and patience with others.


What Girls Said 1

  • How can he like a whole bunch of women and yet still like you? Now he has narrowed down the list to 2 people? Okay so lets say that he does go with you in the end, who says he is not going to just "like" some other girl and juggle between dumping you or getting involved with another girl? Personally, I think if a guy is going to like someone, he is going to like only 1 person, not several. That just doesn't make sense. He does seem like player. You must also know that players do appear nice and perfect. That is why they are called players. They manipulate girls, keep them on the edge. :( I would say to forget about it, but it seems like you really care about this guy. So I would say to continue like you are. BUT don't act like someone you are not, just to get a guy that may not even stay with you. He has to like YOU not have a list of potential girls that he just "likes". But yeah, I would ask him or something, what he actually feels towards you. I don't want you to get hurt. :( Hope this helps.

    • I understand that you see him that way but you really don't know him! I do really care for him and we connect in a way I've never felt with anyone else! We can just sit around and talk about nothing for hours... He's not the kind of guy that would mess around, I promise you. Which is probably why he's not asked anyone out yet - just making sure he chooses the right one, maybe? I don't know but... I'm so confused what to do about a boy who's so confused! It's a bit confusing. =P

    • I believe you then. :) Then I would just say to act like you do and see if he finally decides that he really really does like you. He is a little confused, maybe he needs some space to think things through. There are too many girls. lol. But yeah, just act like yourself, and I am sure everything will get figured out. He obviously thinks you are special to be still talking to you. :) Just time... But if he does get a girl and not you, don't continue to wait around hoping he will change his mind.