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Does he like me or not? I could use a guy's perspective!!

So there is this guy that I worked at camp with this summer and I REALLY liked him a lot. We became good friends and I told him how I felt at the end of summer, and he said he thought I was really pretty and loved hanging out with me but couldn't have a girlfriend at that point in time. So after that we went our own ways( He goes to school in IN and I live in MI so we don't see each other much, we still talked sometimes though) and he ended up getting a girlfriend two months into school. I was pretty sad about this because I really liked him, but life goes on.

A month went by and he started writing me on facebook more and then 3 days ago he messaged me on chat and told me he was coming to MI to visit people and asked if I wanted to get coffee. I said yes and was thrilled to see him because we are good friends, but I wasn't expecting more (I did notice however, that he was no longer listed as in a relationship) So we went and got coffee and it was amazing. We get along so well and he was pretty flirty with me, telling me that I was the most amazing girl ever and saying that he came up to MI just so he could see me. And he brought up the fact thatt he had been dating a girl for a month and she was cool but it hadn't worked out and he had broke up with her because she wasn't right for him, I didn't even ask about it and he brought it up.He also asked if I was seeing anyone. Then when we had to go he walked me to my car and opened my door for me and gave me the biggest hug ever, def didn't feel like a just friends hug to me. on the drive home I got a text from him asking to hangout again the next day.

We didn't end up getting to hangout because he had to get home for thanksgiving, but he texted me and was saying extremely flirt things, like I told him I liked his beard because he did no shave November and he said "really? Would you kiss it if you had a boyfriend with a crazy beard like that" But he hasn't texted me today. He's supposed to skype me after Thanksgiving break and maybe come see me in two weeks. so I don't know I just want people's opinions (especially guys) on whether he likes me or not because I REALLY like him and we will be working together again this summer, but I don't want to get my heart broke. Oh I also found out that the girl he dated he had been talking to before he met me, so I don't know if that might be the reason he turned me down originally when I told him I liked him, because even though he was kinda flirty this summer it was never as much as he was the other night. But what are your guys' thoughts, how should I proceed with this?
Does he like me or not? I could use a guy's perspective!!
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