Embarrassed to introduce my mum to my boyfriend, thoughts?

Let me start with I love my mum to bits I really do, but I’m really embarrassed and dreading them meeting.

My mum has an accent when she speaks which is completely fine and I don’t care but she doesn’t have a conversation with anyone. She doesn’t make an effort to make a conversation and chat about things. I don’t think she has the confidence I don’t know..

I’ve warned my boyfriend that she’s very quiet doesn’t speak much, but I don’t think he understands the severity of it. I can see the excitement he has of sitting down with her and discussing things and topics but she really isn’t one to do that. All she does is “hello how are you?” “ I’m fine thank you” that’s all... and laughs at everything but she doesn’t speak! And it really breaks my heart because I know he would like to have that relationship with my Mum and it just makes me feel so insecure about it
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Thank you all for your kind messages! To update everyone it went really well and they hit it off! My mum did try to be the best she could be and did communicate and I’m happy with the outcome :)! Again thank you all 😘
Embarrassed to introduce my mum to my boyfriend, thoughts?
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