He likes hanging out with girls. What's going on here?

OK so last night this guy I talked to on facebook snuck over to my house and things happened. we went to school together from grade school to high school and over a week ago he started talking to me on fb IM. he asked me if I was looking for a boyfriend and I said no so one thing led to another and we were setting up days we could meet up and "have some fun." he straight up told me that he didn't want people to know about us and it kinda got on my nerves but whatever. he is a party boy but he has a soft side too and he was nothing like I expected and when it was all said and done before he left he said to call him or he would get a hold of me somehow. what does that mean? he acts like he cares but its not the vibe I'm getting from him. and I'm not saying he's a douche but I just want to know I guess if he wants this to go further or if he's just in it for a piece of ass...he also parties A LOT and I do too but not the kind that he goes too. and he also told me straight out that he likes hanging out with girls...


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  • Well done! You just got made into a bootycall!

    That "soft side" you speak of; that's just a way of convincing girls to be his piece of meat for the night.



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