It's been a year since I've talked to her. Should I text or call?

It's been a year since I've properly talked to her, but we texted here and then throughout the year. So should I call her or text her? I texted her a week ago and she didn't reply for some reason. I texted "Hey [name] how are you?" But on facebook she said her phone isn't working for some reason? But that was a month ago.

I am definitely sure she was interested in me, because she would always blush when she saw me and talked to me in a high pitched voice. I also caught her looking at me many times! And I know she is a sexual woman!

Maybe she is a bit confused because I suddenly didn't ask her out for one year? I really want to ask her out. Should I ask her out on the first call? Or the 2nd? Because maybe if I ask her out on the 1st call, I might sound a little desperate. Or am I mistaken?

Furthermore, she lives 40 minutes away from me. We are both 20 years old. I don't have a car yet, but I can take my dads car. I'm getting my license in about a week, but I'm still unfamiliar with driving on a freeway at 70 miles per hour. So should I just take the train instead? Is taking the train to see a girl a turn-off? Because that means I can't give her a lift home, which sort of takes away the romantic side of things!

So should I ask her out once I'm confident I can drive on the freeway? Or should I ask her out now? I'm really confused

Thank you

Also is it a turn off if a guy can not control/lead a girl? For example, he is indecisive on what to do and has no opinion on anything. Can a call last like 1-2 mins? I really don't have much to say usually. What should say to her if I call her?


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  • are you sure she still likes you up until now? lol..

    well if you are that confident I think you should use your dad's car

    and I think you should call her and ask her out the second time you call ^_^

    good luck ^_^

    • Yes I'm sure!

      No I didn't say I was confident in driving the car on the freeway. That's why I asked whether I should wait a month until I am confident enough or just ask her out now and just take the train to see her.

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