Girls: How would you feel if your younger brother wanted to ask your friend for a date?

I'm 21 and my sister is 24 and her friend is 23, turning 24 next month.

I already know I am facing an issue because she is older than me, even though it is a few years. I met her last week at a bar at my sister's friends birthday (not the same friend). We got along really well, had a good laugh and I was sensing good vibes (at least I think it was good vibes). I have been staying at my sister's house for the past week and this girl came over about 3 times during the week. We always end up having some pretty deep and long conversations (we haven't talked about anything personal yet though). I liked her the first day I met her but now I really really like her. She's cool, has a great sense of humour, intelligent, interesting and she is gorgeous.

I'm thinking of asking my sister first because I want her to know that I am serious about this. I don't know how my sister will react to this though.

Should I talk to my sister about this first or should I just ask the girl for a date straight up?

Another thing is if we do end up getting together and then breaking up I would not want it to affect her friendship with my sister.

Any advice please? Any similar experiences would help a lot. Thanks


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  • Who cares what your sister thinks you don't need her persmission, but if it goes bad you won't hear the end of it...