What does this text mean and why doesn't he call?

Really need yalls help. Ok this guy that I hung out with once/maybe a date texts me out of the blue and says, "Hey girl.was just thinking about you.hope you are having a good day." What does this mean? Would you send this to someone who you considered a friend or more? I am almost one hundred percent sure this guy likes me based on other things but he doesn't call me, he just sends me texts like, "Went fishing today and was thinking about you." since that's what we did the first time we hung out and then he sent that first one last week.I don't know if he is trying to see if I like him since he might not know? What do yall think? He likes me? I don't think I would send this to a friend if I was a guy but why isn't he calling more and instead using these thinking of you texts? Can a guy be shy around girls but outgoing/talkative in life? PLEASE HELP!


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  • Yes it sounds like more likely than not he is interested in you, but it isn't for sure. Have you tried calling him and setting up another date?

    • Well I replied and said something like hopefully we can get together soon. he is busy working and all and lives like 45 mins. away. I think he is shy around women (it says on his profile his weakness is women) but he is outgoing in real life. or he could not be sure about my feelings. I talked to him off and on for a week (we were tying to plan something) then didn't hear from him for a week then he sent me that text...i mean I don't think a guy would say that to a friend who is a girl.

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    • I know I just don't want to be too agressive/pushy and then for some strange reason he is not interested, even though I am almost 100% sure he is esp. after this text and asking me to hang out with him on his bday the entire day alone.

    • Calling once or twice isn't aggressive or pushy. It truly isn't. And given that he talked to you on his birthday like that, I'd definitely give him a call.

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