What do I do? Who do I pick?

I met one of the nicest sweetest cutest guys ever. we just met and we went on a date. On that date the guy I kinda liked was spying on us the whole time(him and my old babysitters from when I was little). We confronted him but I couldn't take it so I just ran trying to look for someplace to go.found my babysitters and left with them. That same night I got gifts chocolates and flowers from both of them. Now the thing is that I don't know who to pick? the guy that has liked me since sixth grade(the one that spied) or the guy that I've just met but has so much respect for me(my date). I need help.

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  • Though I'm not entirely sure what this babysitters thing is, shouldn't you be with the person you like most? Who do you like most?


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  • I will defintly go for the sweet respectful and romantic guy. But whatsoever reason chose the one you really like and your hearts tell you to

  • Wow! I like sweet respectfu and romantic guys

  • Maybe you should pick the guy that like since sixth grade because he seems so romantic and he will love you forever.