Should I care what they think?

last year I met this guy in one of my classes. he's tall, really hot (according to a million and one

and he has a really big crush on me.

but he's 2 years younger than me. last year when he admitted he liked me I shunned him because he was so young but he continued to talk to me and now after the summer we are talking again and I think I kind of like him. even though we though we have things in common. we are also very different like I'm black and he's white and I have no clue how his parents would feel about that, we share very few friends and he's preppy while my friends are skaters. even though he and everyone else wants me to give him a chance. I think I'm scared to because of our age.

what do guys think? should i?


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  • if you like him and he likes you, why not? don't worry about what people think. you are not put on earth to make everyone happy, you're here to make you happy. if you don't give him a chance, you may regret it later. let me know what happens! much love.


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  • Why not? Every relationship has its risks. If it doesn't work, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Also, if you think you might like him, then just go on a date and see how it goes.


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  • Go for it, two years is hardly an age gap, Good luck!

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