If a guy doesn't call or text you, does that mean he has no interest in you?

I like this guy. We used to be coworkers. I contacted him facebook, and we exchanged about 56 private messages back and forth to each other. He finally sent me a message with his number on it and he asked me to text him. I texted him back the same day so he would have my number too. I just sent one message. A couple days later, I texted him first just asking him what's up and we exchanged only about 5 text messages back and forth. That was about two weeks ago. My concern is that I was the one to text him first, and he hasn't even called or texted me at all. Does this mean he is showing no interest in me?

I should also add that in between those facebook private messages, there was one time where he didn't reply to message I sent until 2 weeks later.
Should I wait for him to call or text me, or should I just call or text him?


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  • I think you're being kinda hasty about things, that's all. Give him his space and don't be too eager to reply as soon as you get the text. Give it time. Also, I wouldn't advise being the one to contact him first. Let him text you, and take your time to reply. When he sees that you're losing interest, he will be the one to initiate conversation if he is truly interested in you.

    • I pretty much agree with this, couldn't put it in more accurate words.