Is it good to mess around with or date a coworker?

its this guy at work me and him talk but his been flirting and trying to boo love also with other chicks I know it I saw him today...n I like him and me and him gotten close but I'm not sure should I continue to go after someone who I honestly like or just not waste my time with him and just keep the relationship business


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  • From my experience I'd say just keep it business at least until one of you leaves the job or something. I dated a coworker and when things went sour(even though yours might not) it was just extremely awkward. We had to face each other all the time but we'd never say words and I just always wanted to tell him off. It's just a gross environment that you don't want to have to be put in. I have heard of relationships in job environments lasting but its few and far between.

    • yea I thought about that too...n if me and him ever did date and I found out his been seeing other co workers behind my back it would get bad AND it would start problems with me and him ...n the girls...i don't need to waste my time with drama so yea imma keep it business

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  • i would say keep the realtionship business , beacuse if you guys decide to go out and then it doesn't work out , then your gonna have to see him everyday and its gonna be awkward

    • yea true and I got something up my selves for guys like him after I'm done he will have no game

    • yea true...n yea I'm not done with him his little boo loving he strives for with girls at work its gonna make him turn into a fool but I have a nice little gift for him lol

  • A lot of dating deals don't work out and when you date a co-worker and it doesn't work out, you have to still see that person constantly and maybe even be subjected to mean-spirited gossip and rumors spread by an ex. You may also have to deal with hearing about new girls they start dating.

    I couldn't understand some of what you are saying. "...trying to boo love also with other chicks"? Is he flirting with other girls at work? If so, stay away from him. He's a player that will just mess with you.

    Now, beyond that, if you don't really care that much about your job and it is not a long-term career for you, then maybe it doesn't matter if things did not work out. You could always get another job.

    • boo loving is a term of flitting and hitting one another ...hey I'm a senior in high school and my job is just something for now tell I go out to college but yea imma forget him I'm too good for him