How do I choose between 4 different guys?

one guy is just about having fun. one started out that way but it seem to have grown into something more. another is crazy for me but I don't know if I like him. and the last one really wants to get to know me better, but I don't know if I should even bother, because of the other three.


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  • well obviously not number three...idk why you put that one here. as for the rest, do you want to have fun or something more? but really if you don't like any of them enough to pick them, you should give the 4th a chance, I mean to be honest you sound a bit stuck up. like you just think your too popular for that guy. I really don't mean to be offfensive or anything, just imho...

    • trust me I'm not popular that's why this is so weird. until I graduated no one wanted to talk to me and now people do its just weird

  • what are you freaking kidding me. your a freaking player. if I were one of those guys, id leave you in a second. I don't need a playa, hanging around me. makes me think she'll cheat

    • i know I know I would leave too if a guy did this to me

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    • my biggest fear is that I would be rejected. I want to be super sure that the guy likes me before I stick with one. I hate rejection.

    • so do guys. that's part of life. just learn to deal with rejection like the rest of us. besides. plenty more fish in the sea, it ain't the end of the world

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